Important Information for the 2020 National Conference

    In light of the current situation with COVID-19 and our commitment to the health and wellbeing of all our church members, the 2020 Acts Global Churches National Conference has been cancelled.

    Making the decision at this point in time will allow those who have flights booked to register to have flight credit prior to the 31st March cut-off date.  Check with your airline for further details.

    Please continue to pray for our country and our church community as we go through these unprecedented times.

Each year in May, the Acts Global Churches conducts its National Leadership Conference. The conference is an opportunity for ministers and leadership teams from churches around the nation to gather for inspiration, vision, ministry and relationship building. The conference is open to youth and children with facilities being provided to assist parents to attend the key sessions.



2019 Session Recordings

Please note that the files may only be downloaded on your desktop/laptop.  You may then play them on your desktop/laptop or sync them to your mobile devices.

Session 1 - Ps Mark Varughese
Session 2 - Ps Wayne Swift
Session 3 - Ps Mark Varughese
Session 4 - Ps Jemima Varughese
Session 5 - Ps Jemima Varughese
Session 6 - Dale & Karen's Q&A
Session 7 - Ps Wayne Swift