Governance & Structure

The Acts Global Churches is structured to enable local churches to be connected to a cohesive corporate body while simultaneously embracing an individual and even unique, identity and expression of ministry.

The Acts Global Churches is one corporate body made up of local churches throughout Australia. The national leadership structure comprises the National Leadership Team and the Acts Global Churches Limited Board and together they attend to all matters of corporate governance.


National Leader
The National Leader is appointed for a two year term by the National Eldership every second year for a term commencing from January 1st of the year.

National Leadership Team
The National Leadership Team is the primary leadership body of the church and comprises the National Leader, along other members appointed on the basis of leadership gifting and experience.

National Eldership
An integral part of the governance structure of the Acts Global Churches is the National Eldership. The Eldership is called for the purpose of appointing the National Leader and the National Leadership Team.


Apostolic Networks
Each local church relates to a network leader who is responsible to assist the church in positioning itself for maximum effectiveness by training leaders, equipping people and presenting itself to its community in the most appropriate way. Churches are also encouraged to relate closely with other churches in the same network and are also free to relate with churches of other networks or other movements.

A local church is a group of believers who are conditionally authorised by the Acts Global Churches to carry out functions normally associated with a Christian church.

The assembly leader is appointed by the National Leadership Team and the body responsible for final governance is appointed by the assembly leader and advised to, and ratified by, the Network Leader.


Ministries Committee
The Ministry Committee is appointed by the National Leadership Team and is responsible for all matters related to the certification of ministers as well as the oversight of our training and ministry development initiatives.

Acts Global Churches Limited
The legal entity which exists for the purpose of property ownership, employment and related matters, and other aspects of corporate life. It is a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, with the name ‘Acts Global Churches Limited’.

National Administration Office
Business administration of the Acts Global Churches is structured to ensure that acceptable and consistent standards of accountability are maintained from state to state and from assembly to assembly.

This is achieved by conducting all business administration through a national business entity. Matters related to property ownership, salary and payroll, insurance, etc. are conducted on behalf of local assemblies by the National Administration Office.