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Certificate of Local Church Ministry - Mid-Year Applications close Friday 15th July 2022

Our passion is to develop people in their local church who have a desire to grow and lead within our movement. We are providing high quality, affordable training with our Certificate of Local Church Ministry (non-accredited). If you have a desire to develop your ministry skills and to deepen your Biblical foundations, then this Certificate is for you. You can complete the Certificate as part of an internship or just as a personal commitment to grow.

This Certificate has been designed in partnership with AxxCelerate Global, an online training organisation providing Biblical and ministry units The certificate includes six units with online video lectures, assessment tasks and access to an experienced online supervisor. The six units include:

  1. Personal Management & Spiritual Health
  2. Analyse & Apply the Bible
  3. Group Ministry Practice
  4. Introduction to the Biblical Narrative
  5. Work with and Care for Others
  6. Theology of God

Those who complete this Certificate will develop:

  • The ability to strengthen their own spiritual health as a Christian disciple and the spiritual life of others
  • Increased capacity to understand and practically apply the Bible to their own life and the lives of others in a local church ministry
  • Increased competence in managing their own time and gifting's in local church ministry
  • The capacity to work with and care for others in local church ministry
  • The ability to bridge the gap between theology proper and practical ministry within a local church setting
  • Enhanced knowledge and experience of local church ministry within specific groups such as age, gender, or a social demographic


The completion of this Certificate will be accepted as the necessary minimum study requirement for future applications to become a Credentialed Minister with Acts Global Churches.

Check out the impact this Certificate can have on you and your church

Ps Mark Ireland

Jordan Mbakwe

Click here to download the information document that will give an overview of each unit, the costs, dates and details of the Certificate

If you would like to apply for the Certificate, please click here     . 

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